We are supporting the Government’s efforts to protect, prevent, rehabilitate and reintegrate vulnerable children involved in the worst form of child exploitation, abuse and neglect. We also provide Legal Assistance and follow up Legal Aid for cases of child victims, child offenders and any child that comes in contact with the law in the Western Province of Sri Lanka.

Expected results of the project:

  • To Expedite and Educate
  • To expedite the procedure of the legal system whenever the child is involved.
  • To educate relevant authorities and institutions on the importance of care for children and the importance of giving priority to child related legal matters.
  • To ensure that the psycho-social status of the child is protected and taken care of along with the legal procedure.
  • To ensure that no child is left behind, which means that we shall reach out to every child affected by rape, abuse, neglect, molestation etc and that the project itself will not be so broad minded that individual cases will be ignored or marginalized or filtered.
  • To ensure that all authorities and people responsible for the well-being of children and their respective institutions work in a more organized and effective manner.