Child Protection Force was founded by Milani Salpitikorala, Attorney-at-Law, in 2017 after many years of her working alongside government organizations that work for the child, senior lawyers and judges who had a passion for Child Rights Law. The lack of a strong body for the protection of children trapped in the legal system was the reason for the name Child Protection ‘Force’. Child Protection Force consists of members and employees who have a passion for Child Rights Law and would work effortlessly towards a change to the legal system with regard to the child.

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Milani Salpitikorala

A lawyer by profession, Milani Salpitikorala being the founder of this project has been handling and supporting cases involving children since 2013. A past pupil of St. Bridget’s Convent she has her LLB from the University of London and is currently reading for her Masters in Law in Human Rights specializing in the Rights of the Child from the same University.  Her practical knowledge in the legal system on child rights, her first hand exposure to child victims and her work under Honorable Justice Shiranee Tilakawardane, former Judge of the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka who is a strong body in the fight for Women and Children’s Rights, makes this project something she always wanted to do. She is committed to minimizing the gap that keeps the child victims from healing and bringing the perpetrators to justice. She will act as Executive Director to Child Protection Force and be directly involved in all the cases and over-looking of the entire organizations work. 

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Harshana Nanayakkara

Barrister of Lincolns Inn and Attorney-at-Law, Harshana Nanayakkara has been a master-mind to the child protection system of Sri Lanka. Following his serving as state counsel from 2000-2004 he was a Legal consultant to the UNICEF where he was involved in advising and training police officers and other state actors involved in the Juvenile Justice and Child Care system. He also carried out many research projects for 16 Save the Children in 2009 and 2012. Among others some of his inputs to the Child Protection System were; carrying out research proposals for the National Child Protection Authority, working as a legal consultant for EMD, assisting the Ministry of justice in formulating amending laws and policies relating to Juvenile justice and child care, drafting laws to amend the orphanages ordinance, training Magistrates in Juvenile Justice and Child Welfare laws and assisting the NCPA in individual cases upon request. Harshana will act as a Voluntary member to Child Protection Force for any advice on individual cases.

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Mihiri Salpitikorala

Mihiri is a Marketeer by profession and is currently working on a consultancy basis part time. A past pupil of St. Bridget’s Convent, she has a BA in Communications from The State University of New York, Buffalo (through the Singapore Institute of Management) and an MBA (Marketing Management) from the Australian Institute of Business Administration. She has previously handled community work involving AIDS awareness programs at the Community Development Service (CDS), a local Non-Governmental Organization. Mihiri will be working as a general manager to the organization and will look into the general work of the project coordination, advertising and marketing related duties of the organization.

Team member

Daya Liyanage

Daya Liyanage is a retired SLAS officer who served in several government and semi government organisations and Chairman and Board member of Listed Companies during his long career of nearly 50 years. At present he is functioning as Advisor to the Ministry of Finance. He retired as Deputy Secretary to the Treasury to take up the ambassadorial appointment as High Commissioner in Malaysia. On return he was appointed as Chairman/CEO, National Procurement Agency. He has obtained very wide experience in public as well as private sector during his career. He will be acting as a Voluntary member of Child Protection Force and assisting the organization as an advisor to any public sector related duties.